Friday, October 19, 2007

Negative Amortization: Pick-A-Pay

Negative Amortization loans have become increasingly popular in California. I personally think they can be great loans, and I would recommend them to certain individuals as a great way to manage finances. The problem is, brokers have been using them as a way to close deals, make ridiculous amounts of money and trick borrowers into buying properties they can’t really afford.

The Neg-Am or Pick-a-Pay as it is called is an adjustable rate loan, tied to an index. Popular indexes for this loan are the MTA, COSI, COFI, and the 6 month LIBOR. The loan allows borrowers multiple pay options, including interest only, and less than interest only payments. The most dangerous option is the less than interest payment. In this scenario the borrower makes a payment based on a 1%to 5% rate, even though their actual rate is much higher, in some cases as high as 10%. The borrower makes the less than interest payment, and the interest they don’t pay is added back to principal. If the borrower makes this min payment every month, they will continue to increase the amount they owe the bank. In declining markets this poses an obvious problem.

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